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Client Comments


~Client Comment 
I was having difficulty with a sore shoulder every morning. I noticed upon waking each day that I was clenching my hand into a fist. We used EMDR to process the event that had caused this behavior and I have had no trouble with this since. Skosh is very effective in using EMDR and getting to the root of the problem. As a boy I was ill and taken to the hospital. I was asked to make a fist so the nurse could draw blood. I was never told to let go of the fist so I didn't open my hand until I asked a nurse several hours later.

~Client Comment 
As a child I had an incident in which I fell from a tree and my neck was caught in a rope. I subsequently was always uncomfortable with anything touching my neck-blankets, certain shirts, and definitely ties. We processed this event and I find wearing a tie much more comfortable. Blankets are more snugly now too.

~Client Comment 
I had recently moved to a place that had a small bathroom. Not even big enough for a tub. Just a shower stall. I was having difficulty wanting to be in that room for any length of time. I had as a child been locked in a small room as a practical joke. We processed that event with EMDR and I am now comfortable in small rooms. Thanks Skosh!

~Client Comment 
I can't explain how much my life has changed in the last year due to counseling from Skosh. I was desperate for answers and desperate for someone to listen to my hurts and struggles that I had faced through my life.  
I was dealing with thoughts of suicide and it was actually acting on those thoughts that really scared me. I knew I needed some help.  
A few days after my attempt of suicide I called some numbers that I had received from the hospital and happened to get a call back from Skosh first out of all the calls that I had made.  I was such an emotional wreck that I started spilling my heart out to her over the phone. She listened to me for over an hour free of charge. She told me that she would be willing to sit and talk with me.  
 She was never about the money. I was hurting financially and she still reached out to me and spent her time giving me the support and answers that I needed.  
Skosh was there for me in my life when nobody else was. I can't begin to express my gratitude and love for her. She will always be an important part of my life.  
Today I am happy, getting married, starting college, focusing on my boys, and relieved to have answers to my past. I am where I am at today because of her input and support.  
This statement does not do justice for all that she has done. This is just a short version of how much she is appreciated. I know I can never repay her for all the time and energy she has spent with me.  

~Client Comment 
You’re not mindlessly involved taking notes. 
You share your experience; you’re human with me. 
It is more important to come from a place of honesty than from a book –  it’s more real. 
If you don’t let it (the feelings) out, the body keeps count.    
~Melinda – Anxiety issues

~Client comment 
I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for me in the last nine months, it really means a lot to me.  
              When I would get upset or feel out of place I used to blow up or get real quiet, but now thanks to your help and advice, I can take a step back and try to see the problem from a different point of view. The hate and anger that used to control me is no longer an issue.  
               My whole experience with counseling has been awesome. I honestly can say that I am now a better person because of it. I hated the fact that I was court ordered to do it at first.  
               As time went by you really showed interest in me and my problems, which I have never had the luxury of those things before. So for being by my side through the thick-n-thin, I will try to show others how to walk in the footsteps of our Lord and to better understand that being upset and short with others is only going to hurt you and the ones around you.  
               I've learned to wait, listen, understand, and to communicate with the problem. It worked so much better.  
                So thank you for helping me get back on the right track and into the arm's of the Lord. 
~Jason, court-ordered counseling for anger management

~Client Comment 
Skosh has helped my husband and I communicate better with each other. She also brings in examples from her own life and has practical problem-solving solutions to my anxiety issues.
~Alex – marriage counselling/anxiety/ADHD

~Client Comment
Thanks for the hi. Maxine and I are doing fine. We are looking to purchase a condo down here in the Renton area. I am still working at the new job and enjoying it. Thank you again for encouraging me to go to school. Although my student loans are $160.00 a month I have a job that makes enough to pay for it. Which is better than when I first saw you.
Thanks to your encouragement I have a nice wife, a job, a 2-year college degree with high honors, and am about to purchase a home. I guess you could say that you helped my life a lot.
~ Randall – Couple counseling/career concerns


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